My Car Gets Clogged Drains (Miata Roto Rooter)

So, I bought my 2006 Miata back in March of 2013 and it’s been a really good car.  Runs well and is fun to drive.  At least until the rains came.

2006 Mazda Miata

2006 Miata – Not mine but it looks exactly like it

Shortly after I purchased the vehicle, we had some seriously heavy rains.   I didn’t think much about it until I noticed there was standing water in the passenger compartment and a lot in the trunk.

My worst fear about owning a convertible was realized:  IT LEAKS!

I grabbed a few small buckets of DampRid and threw them into the passenger side and the trunk.  I also kept several towels in the vehicle just in case.

The auto warranty doesn’t cover anything on the ragtop, so I thought I was out of luck.

sun shade car cover Mazda Miata

California Poptop – Better Than A Garbage Bag

I started evaluating car covers and found one called the California PopTop. It works ok but it’s a bit of a pain to take on and off.  When I first bought it, it wasn’t rain repellant so I also applied some outdoor patio furniture rain protection spray.  That seemed to help a lot.

I dug around on the web looking for stuff about leaks and discovered that my car has drains.  Inside the car.  I found this tremendously well documented and helpful forum post on how to fix these drains.  The author recommended using a trombone brush.  I figured it was worth a shot.

I drove up to the local music shop, found it closed (it was too early), so I went and washed the car at the local hand-washing stall.  This produced the puddles in the back right where the drains are.  Symptom evident.  Now to find the solution.

I went back to the music shop and they had the brushes, but they looked too short.  They also had “low brass” brushes which looked more appropriate.  The problem?   At $30 a pop, it was a bit more than I wanted to swallow.

flexible grabber tool GrabEasy

Grabber – Don’t use the claw on your fingers. Ouch.

I headed to Home Depot in hopes that they would have something cheaper that would also do the trick.   Over where the plumbing snakes are, I found this nifty grabber thing.  It was flexible and firm enough that it could probably push through any clogs.

I found a box per the post, lodged the top open, and went to work.    It took a little bit of cajoling, but I managed to push out the nasty crud that was blocking the drains on both sides of the cars.

Lesson learned: Check the drains.

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