Apr 092010

In trying to punch out a chat client that I could validate the originating client from, I decided I needed to come up with a simple method of some sort of tokenized, time-based encryption.  I also needed to be able to do this in both Javascript and PHP (and I have even adapted the same methods over to ASP/VBScript).

I figured the best thing to do would be to pass down a token that the receiving end knew about, and have it encrypted with a Unix EPOCH timestamp.

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Mar 262010

My original intention was to replicate a random name generator (I was afraid the word generator over at Oh The Huge Manatee dot net might go away), and I ended up with Happenstance.

Well I finally got around to the name generator and, although it is a simpler, much more limited version of the one over at OTHM dot net, it does the job nicely giving me names that are reasonably spiffy and gives me a quick way to check whether the names might be a little off-kilter.

Go on, give it a try:  http://halytech.net/wownames/index.php

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