How to get up and running fast!

The quickest way to get up and running with the Feed the Beast mod packs and be able to connect up to our servers is to use the Twitch client!

  1. Download the Twitch Client
    You can grab the Twitch Client from this web page right here:
  2. Get a Twitch ID!  Heck, all the cool kids have one!
  3. Get the FTB Continuum mod (1.3.1) for Minecraft!
    Click on the Mods tab at the top of your Twitch Client.  Click on Minecraft.  You might have to install the Minecraft Client at first.
    Click on the Browse FTB Modpacks and look for Continuum.
  4. UNLOCK your profile options!
    Once you get Continuum installed, click on the picture of the mod and then click on the content menu […] all the way to the right at the top.  Choose the Profile Options menu item and UNCHECK locked.  This will let us add the Roguelike Dungeons mod!
  5. Once done, click on the Get More Content button.
  6. Make sure the “MODS” is selected at the top and then search for Roguelike.
  8. Choose PLAY!
  9. Once it’s all loaded up (yah it can take awhile), go to Multiplayer, and ADD OUR SERVER!  The address is